Thursday, December 06, 2007

Critic of Public Order Bylaw in Jakarta

Oleh Abdullah Ubaid Matraji

As we knew that Jakarta is metropolitan and pluralism city. People come to this place from different background, for example: religious, race, and culture. Therefore, we want to live and associate with everyone to get the peaceful society. But, now we are finding the obstacles that make Jakarta society getting worse. The problem caused this condition is public order bylaw produced by Jakarta local government. Some articles indicated to discriminate the sick, women, non-Muslim, etc. For example, article 46, “Individuals or organizations are not allowed to keep alcoholic beverage without permission from the authorities.” That article enhance with article 31 line 3, “Individuals or organizations that run restaurants are obligated to display a halal label.” If that rule is applied we’ll find awkwardness. Because this article gets in private area, so what if someone keeps a beer in their refrigerator? I believe, this bylaw won’t run because opposes pluralism and people’s basic right. []

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